Community Office – Services & Help

When you contact my community office, my staff and I will do everything we can to assist. Your confidentiality is respected at all times. To give you a better idea of how we can help, please review the following information.

My Community office can help in many different ways if you are a resident of Port Moody-Coquitlam and need help with matters related to the provincial government. We can::

  • Provide information on locating government services and contact information
  • Assist with understanding and navigating provincial government policies, services and processes
  • Help ensure due process is being followed in government services
  • Attend community events
  • Accept practicum students
  • Provide congratulatory and greeting messages to members of the community
  • Provide paper versions of government documents, legislation discussion papers and other web-based forms for those who don’t have internet access
  • Help to resolve issues you may be having with provincial ministries or agencies.  (By law, there are some things we cannot help you with- feel free to ask us if you’re not sure!)

Unfortunately, we cannot help you if:

  • You have or need to retain a lawyer to represent you pertaining to your case;
  • Your matter is pending before the courts.
  • The police are involved. We cannot make inquiries about police investigations. If you have a complaint about police conduct, please direct them to the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner.

We are unable to:

  • Offer legal advice or assist with legal action;
  • Overturn the decision of any provincial government ministry or body;
  • Influence processes set up in law to be independent of the Legislature –such as Ombudsman, or Police Complaints Commissioner;
  • Change the time limits for filing appeals;
  • Take on casework that is federal or municipal in nature;
  • Interfere with federal or municipal issues.

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