Here is a summary of various reports that I’ve written to council over the years.

Annual Reports

Each year I write a report summarizing the some of the key initiatives we’ve been working on at Council and outlining the contributions I’ve made.

Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012

Growth of High Tech and Innovation Sectors in Port Moody Report
(endorsed by Economic Development Committee)

report-icon-28Report that outlines the culmination of the year’s work in the 2016 Economic Development Committee regarding a feasible approach to increasing high tech and innovation jobs in Port Moody.  Report was written after hearing from a variety of experts on the subject.

THAT The City establish an Economic Development Office

THAT the report dated December 22, 2016 from Economic Development Committee regarding Growing the High-Tech and Innovation Sectors in Port Moody be referred to staff for a report on the costs and an implementation plan for the establishment of an Economic Development Office that is suited for Port Moody.

Solar Panel Report

report-icon-28Report to explore the cost-benefit feasibility of putting solar panels on city facilities.

THAT staff conduct a cost-benefit analysis for installing solar panels on Port Moody City Hall and the Recreation Complex
AND THAT staff report the results back to council for consideration



Transparency and Open Government Report

report-icon-28Report that outlines changes to our closed meeting procedures in order to ensure maximum transparency and open government.

WHEREAS Council embraces the principles of open government and highest standards of transparency, closed meetings will adhere to the following principles, hereby forming the basis of an Open Meeting Policy:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the amount of information in closed meetings be kept to an absolute minimum and reports in closed clearly identify what information in the report is closed;
AND THAT when the discretionary section 90(1) of the Community Charter is utilized, the closed report include a ‘Rationale for Closed Discussion’ section that briefly and clearly explains how the specific information in the report could harm the interests of the city, the public, or a third party if it were open;
AND THAT staff report back on a process where closed resolutions and reports are reviewed for disclosure, and recommendations for release are provided, with exceptions explained, citing the relevant sections of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and Community Charter, with the intent to disclose as much as possible as soon as possible;
AND THAT staff report back on a process whereby closed agendas be made publicly available with appropriate level of information to understand the nature of the discussions, without revealing sensitive details.

Restaurants on Murray Street Report

report-icon-28A Report to adjust M1 Zoning on Murray Street to allow restaurants.

THAT staff draft a zoning bylaw text amendment to expand permitted uses within the M1 Light Industrial Zone on Murray Street to include restaurants;
AND THAT the proposed changes be referred to the Economic Development Committee for feedback prior to it being brought back to Council.


Right to a Healthy Environment Report

Right To A Healthy Environment Report


Report that outlines the city of Port Moody’s commitment for all its residents to have a right to a healthy environment, including clean air, clean drinking water, safe food, access to nature, a right to know which contaminants are released into local environment, and a right to participate in decision making that will effect the environment.

THAT Council support the following motion:
WHEREAS municipalities and regional districts are the governments nearest to people and the natural environment, and therefore share a deep concern for the welfare of the natural environment and understand that a healthy environment is inextricably linked to the health of individuals, families, future generations and communities;
AND WHEREAS fostering the environmental well-being of the community is a municipal purpose under section 7(d) of the Community Charter and a regional district purpose under section 2(d) of the Local Government Act;
The Council of the City of Port Moody declares that:

  1. 1. every resident has the right to live in a healthy environment, including the right to:
    1.  breathe clean air,
    2. drink clean water,
    3. consume safe food,
    4. access nature,
    5. know about pollutants and contaminants released into the local environment, and
    6. participate in decision making that will affect the environment;
  2. 2. the City of Port Moody has the authority, within its jurisdiction, to respect, protect, fulfill and promote these rights;
  3. the City of Port Moody will consider the precautionary principle when making decisions: where threats of serious or irreversible damage to human health or the environment exist, the City of Port Moody will consider cost effective measures to prevent the degradation of the environment and protect the health of its citizens, and the absence of full scientific certainty will not be viewed as sufficient reason for the City of Port Moody to postpone such measures;
  4. the City of Port Moody will apply full cost accounting: when evaluating reasonably foreseeable costs of proposed actions and alternatives, the City of Port Moody will consider costs to human health and the environment;
  5. by 2016, the City of Port Moody will specify objectives, targets, timelines and actions the City of Port Moody will consider, within its jurisdiction, to address the residents’ right to a healthy environment under section 1, including priority actions to:
    1. ensure infrastructure and development projects of the City of Port Moody and private sector respect the objective of protecting the environment, including air quality
    2. address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing adaptation measures;
    3. prioritize walking, cycling and public transit as preferred modes of transportation;
    4. prioritize infrastructure and protected water sources for the provision of safe and accessible drinking water;
    5. reduce solid waste and promote recycling, re-use and composting;
    6. establish and maintain accessible green spaces in all residential neighbourhoods, and protect and conserve nature in public open spaces;
  6. the City of Port Moody will review the objectives targets, timelines and actions of its healthy environment policy every five (5) years, and measure progress toward fulfilling this Declaration; and
  7. the City of Port Moody will consult with residents as part of this process.

AND THAT this declaration be forwarded to the Lower Mainland Local Government Association, the Union of BC Municipalities, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and member local governments, requesting favourable consideration by local councils and by delegates at the 2015 annual general meetings of these associations.

Re-establishment of CP Rail Advisory Panel Report

report-icon-28Report that calls for re-establishment of the CP Rail Advisory Panel.  After receiving many complaints about late night train whistles, this panel would allow for better communication of concerns between the city, residents, industry, and CP Rail.

WHEREAS the city of Port Moody seeks to enhance communication between CPR and the community;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the city reinstate the CP Rail Community Advisory Panel.

THAT the terms of reference attached to the report from Councillor Glumac dated March 16, 2015 be revised to include four members of the community areas Pleasantside, Moody Centre, Klahanie, and Suter Brook.

Oiled Wildlife Preparedness and Response Report

Kinder Morgan Townhall Report

Cash-In-Lieu of Parking Report

report-icon-28A report to provide the framework for reduction of parking requirements for new developments where the savings to the developers get shared with the city to improve pedestrian, cycling, and public parking facilities.

THAT staff report back to Council with specific amendments to the City of Port Moody Zoning Bylaw or other appropriate bylaw which would permit land owners the option to pay the City a sum per parking stall in lieu of providing the required number of off-street parking stalls in new developments, up to a maximum reduction of 20% of the total number of required off-street parking stalls, in all areas within 800m of an Evergreen Line Station

THAT staff report back on collecting cash-in-lieu of parking funds in accordance with the Local Government Act, to be utilized for the provision of new off-street public parking spaces, improvements to existing off-street parking spaces, and transportation infrastructure that supports walking, cycling, transit, or other alternative forms of transportation.

Healthy Tree Policy Report

report-icon-28Report that outlines a procedure to allow residents to review decisions related to cutting of healthy trees on city property.

THAT staff draft a Healthy Tree Removal Consultation Policy which requires decisions regarding tree removal on city property to be reviewed by the Environmental Protection Committee;

AND THAT the draft be forwarded to the Environmental Protection Committee for review.

Federal Ministerial Panel on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Report

report-icon-28A report to give the Tri-Cities the opportunity to participate in Federal Ministerial Panels related to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.  Panels were held throughout the province but none in the Tri-Cities.

THAT the City of Port Moody write a letter to the Federal Minister of Natural Resources, Honourable James Gordon Carr, to request that the newly formed Federal Ministerial Panel on Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion also visit the Tri-Cities to gather local feedback prior to making its final decision on the pipeline.

Moratorium on Garbage Incineration in Metro Vancouver Report

report-icon-28Report that outlines concerns related to Metro Vancouver’s plans to build a Waste To Energy facility in Metro Vancouver.  Upon serving on Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee, I became concerns about the financial and environmental viability of this project.  About a year after this report was endorsed, Metro Vancouver halted its plans to build a facility.

WHEREAS a number of municipalities, including Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, and Coquitlam, have requested a moratorium on planning for waste to energy I incineration;
AND WHEREAS the Metro Vancouver board has outstanding questions regarding the business case for incineration;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of Port Moody requests that all efforts related to the building a new waste to energy I garbage incineration facility be delayed for a minimum of three years, during which time various disposal bans and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs can mature, a comprehensive analysis of economic and environmental impacts can be prepared, alternative disposal methods can be established, including mixed waste recovery facilities, and to allow for a process of public consultation.


Funding for Eagle Ridge Hospital Letter

report-icon-28This letter was submitted to the provincial government during the strategic review of Fraser Health.  I served as a representative of the Fraser Health Municipal Government Advisory Council and wrote the letter with the input from various stakeholders.  The letter was endorsed by our city council with a couple of minor amendments.

THAT the letter to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance dated March 31, 2014 be endorsed as amended:
* In paragraph 1, change “receive input from Council” to “receive input from members of the advisory council”; and
* In paragraph 3, change “The hospital was originally built to serve” to “The emergency room was originally built to serve”.


Shorter Timeline on NE Sector Transit Plan Report
(endorsed by Tri-Cities Transportation Committee)

report-icon-28A report that expresses a common interest between all 3 Tri-Cities municipalities to see Translink implement its 30 year transit plan on a shorter time frame.

THAT a letter be sent to TransLink to encourage TransLink to 1) carry out the 30 year vision of the Northeast Sector Area Transit Plan within a shorter time frame, and 2) refresh the Northeast Sector Area Transit Plan every five years


TransCanada Trail Feasibility Report

report-icon-28Report on the feasibility of creating a better route for the TransCanada trail through Port Moody that would increase utilization by recreational users and create better pedestrian/cycling connections in the community.

THAT the January 15, 2013 report on the Trans-Canada Trail be referred to staff to prepare information on a basic feasibility study to facilitate the creation of an east-west multi-use pedestrian/cycling pathway along the north side of Clarke Street, to connect to and become part of the Trans-Canada Trail.

Meningitis (MCV4) Prevention Through Vaccination Report


Report to advocate for vaccination funding based on recommendations from the Chief Medical Health Officer at Fraser Health, through my work at the Fraser Health Municipal Government Advisory Council

WHEREAS Meningitis has caused the preventable deaths of young people from nearby communities and from around the province increasingly in the past years;
AND WHEREAS many other provinces have adopted the MCV4 – Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine to prevent such unnecessary losses;
AND WHEREAS the cost of the MCV4 – Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine has decreased while the incidence of disease and death has increased since the province last considered provision of the necessary treatment;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of Port Moody request that the British Columbia Provincial Government reconsider the provision of the necessary MCV4 – Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine promptly and provide details of that reconsideration and its results to the public and to this Council;
AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED THAT this resolution be forwarded to municipalities within the Fraser Health Authority service area.

Increasing Daycare Availability through Improved Zoning Report

report-icon-28Report to amend the city’s zoning bylaws to make is less restrictive to start a daycare in Port Moody.  This report was brought forward after talking to several parents regarding shortage of daycares in the city and business owners that had trouble locating daycares in the city.  I compared daycare zoning bylaws with several municipalities to find Port Moody’s to be unnecessarily restrictive and outdated.

THAT staff report back to Council on the implications of amending Zoning Bylaw 1890 to permit ‘Child Care Use accommodating 10 or more children’ under C3 Zoning and other zones, including appropriate draft amending bylaws to give effect to this proposal, for consideration of adoption by Council.

Creation of Advisory Design Panel Report

report-icon-28Report to create an Advisory Design Panel for the city of Port Moody.  With many new developments coming to the community, this panel allows representatives with environmental, arts, mobility, architectural and other interests to comment of development proposals early in the process.  The intent is to ensure that developments are a good fit for the community.

That staff report back on establishment of an Advisory Design Panel with recommendations for the various components of a bylaw and the implications on the role of the Land Use Committee if an Advisory Design Panel were established including recommendations on how panel members would be chosen.

Position on Oil Tanker Traffic Report

report-icon-28Report to express the city’s position to oppose increased oil tanker traffic associated with pipeline expansion.

WHEREAS Port Moody is a coastal community which would be adversely affected by an oil spill in nearby waters, be it resolved:
BE IT RESOLVED THAT Port Moody city council expresses opposition to projects by Enbridge, Kinder Morgan, or any other entity that would lead to the expansion of oil tanker traffic through BC’s coastal waters;
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the City of Port Moody join with other BC local governments in expressing concern and opposition to the expansion of crude oil tanker traffic on BC’s coast by sending a copy of this motion to the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, the Honourable Christy Clarke, Premier of BC, local MLAs and MPs, the Union of BC Municipalities and all member municipalities.


Building a Safe Pedestrian Crossing at Moody Street.

CARRIED (March 19, 2012)
THAT Mayor and Council send a letter to the Evergreen Line Project Team, the Minister of Transportation, and the Premier of British Columbia requesting that funding be committed to the construction of a safe pedestrian/cycling overpass in the vicinity of the Moody Street bridge, to be completed before the opening of the Moody Centre Station;
AND THAT any letters of support be included with this request.



“I would like to take the time to endorse Rick Glumac as a candidate for the position of Councillor for the City of Port Moody. I have had the privilege of watching Rick at work in Council during his first term, and he is thoughtful, engaged and always ready with pertinent questions. Rick has demonstrated a commitment to our city’s sustainability and environment, being a voice of reason during many intense debates. Rick has been very generous with his support of many environmental groups within Port Moody, taking the time to attend events, meetings, and simply visiting and listening. His work in the past on the Environmeental Protection Committee, as well as the Transportation and Land Use committees makes him a well rounded leader of our community. I believe that Rick is an excellent city councillor, and will be able to help lead our city into a sustainable future.”

- George Assaf, Vice President, Mossom Creek Hatchery