Park Expansion

parkPort Moody is well known for it’s beautiful parks and urban forests.  Our parks are well utilized and provide a way for our residents to enjoy nature and stay healthy.  As our population grows our park space needs to grow as well.  Over the next term we have to ensure that proper plans are in place to increase our park space as opportunities arise.

Expand Rocky Point Park

  • Owner of the Mill & Timber property may decide to sell.
  • Mill & Timber area is designated as Oceanfront District which can include a variety of uses including park space
  • We need to work with owners to find opportunities to expand Rocky Point Park into a portion of this area

Parks & Recreation Master Plan

  • Complete the plan and ensure that it includes park and field expansion that is tied to population growth

 Daylighting of Creeks in Moody Center

  • Create new park space in Moody Center as part of development proposals in the area
  • Added OCP Policy: The City will develop an incentive program to encourage the daylighting and enhancement of key drainages including Dallas/Slaughterhouse Creek, Kyle Creek and South Schoolhouse Creek as priorities and their integration as part of a network of N-S greenways as part of the review of redevelopment proposals in Moody Centre. 

Forested Trail from Suter Brook to Skytrain Station

  • A ground level entrance could be built at Inlet Center Skytrain as an development amenity
  • Would allow residents to walk through forest to get to/from skytrain
  • Added OCP Policy: Within Inlet Centre, the City shall investigate opportunities to create urban plazas and pedestrian oriented public gathering spaces as part of a wider system of connected greenways, trails and parks including a forested trail extending from the civic centre to the Inlet Centre SkyTrain station. 
  • Added OCP Policy: That the City work with the Evergreen Line and TransLink such that any new developments could contribute to the funding of a ground level entrance to Inlet Centre SkyTrain station. 

Forested Trails from Glenayre area to Westport

  • Allow residents of Glenayre, College Park, and Seaview to have good pedestrian access to Westport if developed
  • Added OCP Policy: As part of new development in this area (Westport), a number of desirable components have been identified including: a pedestrian trail connecting Seaview, Glenayre, and College Park to the area


Over The Last 3 Years…

Here are some of the initiatives I worked on related to park expansion over the last 3 years…

New Parkland: Shoreline Park

  • Rezoned 3000 and 3002 Murray Street to P1 Public Use and dedicated it to parkland
  • Was previously light industrial with park-like use
  • Creek and Community Gardens now protected

New Proposed Parkland: Mercier Road

  • City owned land near Turner Creek currently under consideration to become parkland



“I would like to take the time to endorse Rick Glumac as a candidate for the position of Councillor for the City of Port Moody. I have had the privilege of watching Rick at work in Council during his first term, and he is thoughtful, engaged and always ready with pertinent questions. Rick has demonstrated a commitment to our city’s sustainability and environment, being a voice of reason during many intense debates. Rick has been very generous with his support of many environmental groups within Port Moody, taking the time to attend events, meetings, and simply visiting and listening. His work in the past on the Environmeental Protection Committee, as well as the Transportation and Land Use committees makes him a well rounded leader of our community. I believe that Rick is an excellent city councillor, and will be able to help lead our city into a sustainable future.”

- George Assaf, Vice President, Mossom Creek Hatchery