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In this campaign I am talking about the environment, community, and the arts.  I have dedicated pages to each of these under the ‘Issues’ menu.  Another issue that is at the root of successfully planning for the future of any muncipality is sustainability.  I support the City of Port Moody’s Community Sustainability Plan and their 4 pillar approach to sustainability:

Environmental Sustainability

  • planning for the enjoyment of our natural environment, while minimizing our impact.
  • preserving environmentally sensitive areas and supporting the efforts of our stewardship groups.

Economic Sustainability

  • planning for long-term economic stability for the City through efficient human resource and facility management.
  • sound purchasing policies and full life cycle cost accounting.
  • maintaining tax levels at affordable rates for all members of the community.
  • creating positive business opportunities for local employment and supporting local business activities.

Social Sustainablity

  • people living and growing in their neighbourhoods, and fulfilling spiritual, creative and physical needs throughout their lives.
  • adapting to the desires of different age groups, ethnicity and beliefs in a single community.
  • planning neighbourhoods to encourage and foster social interaction.

Cultural Sustainability

  • recognizing history, traditions, social values and community culture in planning for the future here in the City of the Arts.
  • supporting cultural groups and their activities.
  • developing a range of spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features characterizing a society or social group.

More details of the city’s Community Sustainability Plan are available here.


"Rick Glumac is a great asset to Port Moody council. He has a dedicated presence in the community and offers not only a strong voice on council but also a refreshingly accessible ear to the people and local business owners in Port Moody. His hard work and commitment are unmatched and he has a clear vision of what will keep Port Moody the unique city that is it and recognizes the responsibility council holds in guiding this development and growth. As Port Moody continues in this phase of significant growth having a strong voice on council who is committed to truly representing the people and local businesses will be vitally important. It is for all these reasons that we wholeheartedly support Rick in his bid to return to council for another term.”

- Lisa Beecroft, Business Owner, Caffe Divano