I’ve been posting a fun fact every day or so on my facebook page.  These fun facts are meant to help you get to know me a bit better and some of the work I’ve been during my first term on city council.


Fun Fact #1:

I initiated the Advisory Design Panel in my first year on council so that engineers, architects, environmental and other experts can review development proposals to ensure they are the right fit for Port Moody.

Fun Fact #2:

I am 2nd Vice President of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association.

Fun Fact #3:

I called for a 3 year moratorium on waste incineration to allow alternative waste diversion technologies (Advanced Material Recovery Facilities) to be established in the region.

Fun Fact #4:

I host a Cafe Chat meeting every last Sunday of the month at the local cafe. Everyone is welcome to attend. Staying connected to residents is important to me.

Fun Fact #5:

I introduced improvements to daycare zoning after talking with local residents about the challenges in finding daycare options locally.

Fun Fact #6:

Before getting elected to council I worked on the animated films Shrek 2 and Madagascar. One of the things I did was create the technology for rendering silky and velvety clothing for Dreamworks characters.

Fun Fact #7:

Working towards Zero Waste has been an important priority for me for many years and I introduced a park composting program for Rocky Point Park.

Fun Fact #8:

I introduced a policy into the Official Community Plan to ensure that a safe pedestrian crossing over St. John’s at Moody Middle School is a desirable amenity associated with development in that area.

Fun Fact #9:

I lobbied for provincial funding for the Moody Street pedestrian overpass early in my term. Remember that narrow unsafe sidewalk?

Fun Fact #10:

I pushed for stringent rail safety standards when shipping dangerous goods through Port Moody and continue to work on this issue as 2nd Vice President of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association.

Fun Fact #11:

I lobbied for funding for Eagle Ridge Hospital as part of the province’s operational review, and was supported by council. The ERH emergency room was built to serve 20000 but now serves 50000.

Fun Fact #12:

I initiated the formation of a Preschool Task Force to look into preschool programming needs in the community. The Task Force recommendations will likely come to council in early 2015.

Fun Fact #13:

I was recently elected to the executive of the Union of BC Municipalities as a Vancouver Metro Area Representative. I look forward to being a strong voice for Port Moody if re-elected to council.

Fun Fact #14:

I brought forward the proposal to rezone the Shoreline community garden to parkland.  This land and neighbouring creek is now protected and becomes part of the Shoreline Park system.

Fun Fact #15:

I am crowdsourcing a portion of my campaign.

Fun Fact #16:

I have been appointed to the Tri-Cities Regional Transportation Committee to work with neighbouring councillors and staff on a regional traffic plan that reduces traffic congestion in Port Moody.

Fun Fact #17:

I have been endorsed by the Port Moody Firefighters

Fun Fact #18:

I introduced a policy into the Official Community Plan to encourage daylighting of creeks in Moody Center in order to create new parkland in the area.

Fun Fact #19:

I brought forward a motion to set a target of 30% of Oceanfront land to become an addition to Rocky Point Park if the mill site gets redeveloped.  Unfortunately the motion did not pass.

Fun Fact #20:

I’ve been elected to city council on November 15, 2014 with the support of 57% of the voters in Port Moody.






“Rick is a dedicated, well informed and caring person who has a strong sense of his community. Besides being a talented artist, he has a vision of how to enhance the city of Port Moody’s signature a “The City of the Arts”. He is hard working, enthusiastic, pays attention to detail, and is willing to listen while not being afraid to speak his mind on important issues. For these reasons, I fully support Rick Glumac for a second term on City Council”

- Des Wilson, Former Director, Port Moody Art Centre Society