One of the greatest responsibilities of an elected official is to ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely.  Port Moody’s service levels have for many years been of the highest calibre.  We must ensure we maintain these service levels while operating cost effectively.   We must also have a plan in place in regards to major expenditures that are needed and a clear understanding of how we are going to pay for them.

Long Term Capital Planning

  • current capital plan is only 5 years which is too short a time frame to adequately plan for future community infrastructure needs.
  • needed community amenities must be identified in order to be funded by a Community Amenity Contributions program from new developments
  • future community amenities could include: upgrade of Inlet Center field artificial turf upgrade, replacement of Kyle Center, and safe pedestrian crossing for Moody Middle/Elementary school children over St. John’s.

Responsible Spending

  • we must diligently scrutinize all aspects of city spending in order to keep taxes as low as possible while still maintaining the high standard of city services that we all enjoy as residents.
  • I was the only councillor to vote against pay raises for council on the principle that we should not be giving ourselves raises and that any recommended increases should apply to future councils.

Monitoring Regional Spending

  • I sit on the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee
  • Every Port Moody taxpayer has to pay to Metro Vancouver for regional infrastructure
  • Metro Vancouver is planning on building a $500 million dollar garbage incinerator – it’s cost and operation to be funded by our tax dollars.
  • Our garbage tipping fees could double
  • I do not believe the business case for this incinerator justifies this level of spending and have called for a moratorium on the project, which was endorsed by our council


“Rick is a dedicated, well informed and caring person who has a strong sense of his community. Besides being a talented artist, he has a vision of how to enhance the city of Port Moody’s signature a “The City of the Arts”. He is hard working, enthusiastic, pays attention to detail, and is willing to listen while not being afraid to speak his mind on important issues. For these reasons, I fully support Rick Glumac for a second term on City Council”

- Des Wilson, Former Director, Port Moody Art Centre Society