environmentPort Moody is in an area of incredible natural beauty.  We are blessed with a gorgeous waterfront, many parks and trails, and surrounded by forests, mountains, and lakes.  As a community we have been very good at preserving forested areas, especially along the waterfront, and are environmentally progressive in a number of different areas.  For instance, we lead the province in waste diversion, already surpassing our 2015 target of 70%.  Here are a number of issues that I would advocate for if elected to Port Moody City Council:

Continued Leadership in Waste Diversion

  • Further reduce organic waste and increase recycling by partnering with multi-family units, schools, and local businesses
  • Set new waste diversion target of 80%
  • Ensure that any recyclable materials be recovered from solid waste before disposal

Green / Hi-Tech Business Expansion

  • Work with experts to bring in more businesses with low environmental impact

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

  • Undertake energy audits and develop energy retrofit plan for city assets

Climate Change Planning

  • Develop long term plan for how to deal with sea level rises in Port Moody


Over the Last Term

Over the last term, I have championed the following issues

Moratorium on Waste Incineration

  • Requested 3 year moratorium
  • Metro Vancouver business case for $500 Mil waste incineration has many unanswered questions
    • How will Advanced Material Recovery Facilities effect waste flow?
    • How will provincial EPR programs effect waste flow?
    • How will organics and wood bans effect waste flow?
    • BC Hydro won’t pay $100/MWh that business case calls for
  • Call for moratorium passed by councils in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows

Tree Management Policy

  • Currently under consideration
  • Policy states: It is the policy of the City of Port Moody to plant, protect, retain and nourish trees on City property for community benefit, and as part of a healthy urban forest and broader watershed ecosystem. 
  • A clear and cohesive policy on how the city deals with trees on city land
  • Provides transparency around decisions to remove healthy trees
  • Ensures proper plans are in place for tree replacement

Sustainable Developments

  • Letter of Credit system utilized in coordination with development on Henry Street to ensure LEED Silver equivalency
  • Reviewing ‘Sustainability Checklist’ in order to ensure an unbiased means of comparing sustainability between developments
  • Green Roof policy is being developed

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

  • The city applied for and received a grant ($16K) from British Columbia’s Community Charging Infrastructure (CCI) Fund to build 4 electric vehicle charging stations in the city
  • City policy was amended to give consideration to electric vehicles when replacing city vehicles
  • A single electric vehicle will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 47 tonnes and lead to $20000 of fuel savings

Environmental Consultation

  • Motion passed to ensure city immediately contacts local stewardship groups when any environmental accident occurs
  • The City is an intervenor in the NEB hearing for Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion
  • City held townhall meeting with experts to discuss the project with residents
  • Questions from townhall allow local residents to contribute to the NEB process


“We have been impressed with Councillor Glumac’s principle-driven leadership on the regional zero waste file. When learning about important issues that will have long-terms impacts on residents and businesses across the region, Rick’s approach is truly inclusive and consultative of all stakeholders. His integrity and thorough knowledge guide his contributions to discussions on decisions that deserve consideration from all aspects of sustainability. We have appreciated his professionalism and commitment to meaningful progress toward zero waste.”

- Russ Black, Vice President, Belkorp