“Rick Glumac is a great asset to Port Moody council. He has a dedicated presence in the community and offers not only a strong voice on council but also a refreshingly accessible ear to the people and local business owners in Port Moody. His hard work and commitment are unmatched and he has a clear vision of what will keep Port Moody the unique city that is it and recognizes the responsibility council holds in guiding this development and growth.  As Port Moody continues in this phase of significant growth having a strong voice on council who is committed to truly representing the people and local businesses will be vitally important.  It is for all these reasons that we wholeheartedly support Rick in his bid to return to council for another term.”  

— Lisa Beecroft, Business Owner, Caffe Divano

“I personally have contacted Rick Glumac a number of times over issues I have had with the city. His response was always immediate and the problems were dealt with on a timely basis.  As a resident of Port Moody for over forty years I would fully endorse Mr. Glumac for re-election.”

 — Doug Brown, Port Moody Resident

“We have been impressed with Councillor Glumac’s principle-driven leadership on the regional zero waste file. When learning about important issues that will have long-terms impacts on residents and businesses across the region, Rick’s approach is truly inclusive and consultative of all stakeholders. His integrity and thorough knowledge guide his contributions to discussions on decisions that deserve consideration from all aspects of sustainability. We have appreciated his professionalism and commitment to meaningful progress toward zero waste.”  

— Russ Black, Vice President, Belkorp Environmental Services

 “I am delighted to support Rick Glumac for a second term on Port Moody Council. He is a thoughtful, hard working, well researched councillor who never “wings it” and places the interests of the citizens ahead of his own.  He has the integrity and persistence to stand up for what’s right – something we need more of in politics. I look forward to seeing Rick continue to be an effective councillor for the next four years.”  

Sheila Francis, Port Moody Realtor 

“I would like to take the time to endorse Rick Glumac as a candidate for the position of Councillor for the City of Port Moody.  I have had the privilege of watching Rick at work in Council during his first term, and he is thoughtful, engaged and always ready with pertinent questions.  Rick has demonstrated a commitment to our city’s sustainability and environment, being a voice of reason during many intense debates.  Rick has been very generous with his support of many environmental groups within Port Moody, taking the time to attend events, meetings, and simply visiting and listening.  His work in the past on the Environmeental Protection Committee, as well as the Transportation and Land Use committees makes him a well rounded leader of our community.  I believe that Rick is an excellent city councillor, and will be able to help lead our city into a sustainable future.”  

 George Assaf, Vice President, Mossom Creek Hatchery

“Rick is a dedicated, well informed and caring person who has a strong sense of his community. Besides being a talented artist, he has a vision of how to enhance the city of Port Moody’s signature a “The City of the Arts”. He is hard working, enthusiastic, pays attention to detail, and is willing to listen while not being afraid to speak his mind on important issues. For these reasons, I fully support Rick Glumac for a second term on City Council”

– Des Wilson, Director, Port Moody Art Centre Society

“From my observations this past term, I was impressed with how prepared Rick Glumac always seemed to be for agenda items. His approach is collaborative with all members of council, and yet he is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for important issues, even if he is in the minority. His knowledge and critical thinking abilities will be of benefit to all Port Moody citizens, and I believe Rick’s representation will continue to help bring forward more positive changes for our community.”

– John Grasty, Council Observer

“Rick has shown exemplary leadership on environmental issues – he has a solid vision for a sustainable future”

— Elaine Golds, Scientist and Freedom of the City Recipient

“Rick Glumac is exactly what Port Moody needs in a city councillor.  He engages with the community and makes the difficult decisions based on what the community wants as a majority.  He listens beyond the vocal special interest groups and has a vision for Port Moody that maintains it as one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, work and play.  During the recent Official Community Plan consultations, Rick was one of the few councillors who really listened to the people.  He took action to make the OCP more desirable for residents rather than the development centric plan it started as.  Rick is trustworthy, energetic and honourable and I fully support him for Port Moody councillor.”

— Tyler Brown, Port Moody Resident (Coronation Park)

“Rick cares about smart, sustainable development and environmental issues.  He is well researched, highly ethical, dedicated and intelligent.  Time and again he has spoken out for the protection of the air, land and water features that make Port Moody such a spectacular natural place to live.”

— Ruth Foster, Local Stream Steward and Environmental Educator

“Rick was quick in his response to my concerns over a matter that was being presented to council. He listened to our concerns, understood our position and provided constructive feedback. I have witnessed Rick’s commitment and community engagement over the last three years and will be supporting him again in November.”

— Jamie Cuthbert, Business Owner, Rocky Point Kayak

Endorsements from 2011

“Rick Glumac is an enthusiastic, active, involved resident, passionate about making his family’s chosen community a better place.  Rick contributes greatly to life in Port Moody by serving on local committees and boards – a valuable asset and resource to a future Council. I have no hesitation in supporting him.”

– Sheila Francis – Realtor & Director of Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Port Moody

“We need Rick with his experience, vision for Port Moody and environmental awareness on Council.”

– Elaine Golds, Environmental Advocate, Port Moody

“Rick’s commitment to building a better future for his children and community is admirable. I know he will dedicate himself to working hard on issues facing Port Moody with a vision towards a sustainable future.”

– Fin Donnelly, Member of Parliament, New Westminster-Coquitlam & Port Moody

“In my 22 years of experience in local government I have realized the great value and importance of having a representative who listens and who can work as part of a group. I believe that Rick will be a voice for the citizens of Port Moody, representing their concerns and that is why I am supporting Rick for Port Moody City Council.”

– Keith Watkins, School Trustee, Port Moody

“Rick, your contributions to the community and hard work will help you succeed.  You have the integrity, professionalism, and character I believe will be a great addition to council.  And I do believe that with your sincerity, our city will greatly benefit with you on council.”

– Darryl Tolentino, Business Owner, Port Moody

“I fully support Rick’s election to Port Moody City Council.  He has been a tremendous asset to the City’s investigation into ‘waste to energy’ and helped bring about sound decision making by Council on on the issue.”

– Karen Rockwell, Port Moody City Councillor

“Rick Glumac is an active and enthusiastic member of the Port Moody Arts Centre Society. He chaired organizing committees for several local arts events and worked to develop relationships with local businesses. Rick is a capable and dedicated community volunteer and I am pleased that he has put his name forward for City Councillor.”

– Lynne Murray – Past President, Port Moody Arts Centre Society

“I think Rick Glumac would be a great addition to city council.  His combination of practical smarts and environmental vision would help make Port Moody a better place to live and work.”

– Gwen Barlee – Policy Director, Wilderness Committee

“Rick would bring a great deal of knowledge and a collaborative style to city council.  He has a strong vision for Port Moody that incorporates responsible and sustainable development guidelines and a commitment to the environment.  As a long time Moody Center resident, I know that Rick Glumac will help guide our community in the right direction.”

– Judith Roche, Moody Center Resident


I am delighted to support Rick Glumac for a second term on Port Moody Council. He is a thoughtful, hard working, well researched councillor who never “wings it” and places the interests of the citizens ahead of his own. He has the integrity and persistence to stand up for what’s right – something we need more of in politics. I look forward to seeing Rick continue to be an effective councillor for the next four years.”

- Sheila Francis, Port Moody Realtor