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I enjoy talking to residents about local issues.  Starting when I was first elected in 2011 I’ve held Cafe Chat meetings at the local cafe on the last Sunday of every month.  This term I am continuing the Councillor Chat meetings but moving to different venues within the community.  Council has recently approved the 2015-2018 Council Strategic Plan which has many goals and objectives for the 4 year term.  Based on suggestions, each monthly meeting will have a topic which relates to the Strategic Plan.  You have a direct voice in the future of your community and I want to hear from you.

The next Councillor Chat topic:

Provincial Issues

Sunday October 30 – 4:00-6:00pm – Gallagher’s Cafe (232 Newport Dr. #7)


Here are the meetings that are scheduled so far for 2016:

Sunday January 31 – 4-6pm – Moody Ales (2601 Murray Street)
Topic was: Inlet Soccer Field

Sunday February 28 – 1-3pm – Caffe Divano (101-101 Klahanie Drive)
Topic was: Parking

Sunday May 1 – 4-6pm – Yellow Dog (2817 Murray Street)
Topic was: Restaurants on Murray Street

Sunday Aug 28 – 2-4pm – Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street)
Topic was: A Road Through Bert Flinn Park?

Sunday October 30 – 4-6pm – Gallagher’s Cafe (232 Newport Dr #7)
Topic was: Provincial Issues

These were the topics for 2015 (monthly meetings prior to June 2015 did not have pre-set topics):

Sunday June 28th – 4-6pm – Gallagher’s Cafe (232 Newport Dr #7)
Topic was: The Future of the Old Firehall Site

Sunday July 26th – 2-5pm – Walk and Talk Hike to Jug Island Beach (Meet in Belcarra Park Parking lot)
Topic was: Suggestions for City Parks and Trails

Sunday September 27th – 10am-12pm – Browns Social House Patio (215 Newport Drive)
Topic was: The Future of Murray Street

Sunday  October 25th – 1:30-3:30pm – Gallery Bistro (2411 Clarke Street)
Topic was: Port Moody’s Old Town Centre

Sunday November 29th – 3-5pm Caffe Divano (101-101 Klahanie Drive)
Topic was: Creating New Park Space


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Suggestions for Future Topics


“Rick cares about smart, sustainable development and environmental issues. He is well researched, highly ethical, dedicated and intelligent. Time and again he has spoken out for the protection of the air, land and water features that make Port Moody such a spectacular natural place to live.”

- Ruth Foster, Local Stream Steward and Environmental Educator