Port Moody is a wonderful community with great scenic beauty and small town charm.  But what will our community look like 10 to 15 years down the road?  I believe that we need to have proper planning in place to ensure that we have a walkable, liveable, and sustainable community with  increased park space and a good employment base.

Rocky Point Park

  • Let’s leverage opportunities to expand Rocky Point Park if Mill & Timber site goes up for sale.

Grow Employment Base

  • New development must have a good mix of new businesses in addition to residential
  • Explore methods of incentivizing the creation of Hi Tech and Green Business Park near skytrain

Revitalize St. John’s Street

  • St. John’s street can be revitalized with new development, without becoming a sea of highrises.

Clarke Street Boutique Shopping

  • City needs to work with local businesses to enhance the unique character of the area
  • This area can be a wonderful Ft. Langley-like boutique shopping area
  • Draft OCP states for this area: The Heritage Commercial District is envisioned to be an attractive and eclectic mix of boutique style retailers and an economically vibrant heritage themed tourist destination.

Preserve Heritage Homes

  • As chair of Heritage Commission, we are exploring ideas on incentivizing preservation of Heritage Homes in Moody Center through Port Moody’s new Heritage Strategic Plan
  • Homeowners need alternatives such as Laneway housing and/or ability to subdivide large lots in order to retain heritage homes in the area and create new affordable housing options

Eagle Ridge Hospital

Out of Character Homes

  • We are staring to see more ‘monster homes’ in Port Moody that are significantly out of character with neighbouring homes
  • Solutions to this problem will need to be specific to different areas of the city
  • Zoning bylaws should be adjusted so that more homes go to a public hearing process if out of character with existing homes
  • Laneway housing can provide an alternative for homeowners to increase property value without building a large home

Affordable Housing

  • We should move forward with zoning bylaw amendments to allow laneway housing
  • As chair of the community care committee, the following recommendations were presented to council and endorsed:
    • Fixed formula contributions to Affordable Housing Reserve for new developments (rather than negotiated)
    • Affordable Housing Reserve be used for affordable rental housing as a priority.
    • Rental stock be protected during redevelopment (replacement requirement)
    • Rental stock be protected from strata title conversion

Inlet Center Field

  • It’s time to upgrade the dusty field to artificial turf

Community Use at Old Firehall Site

  • This piece of land is one of the city’s greatest appreciating assets and should not be sold for short term gain
  • In the short to medium term this site can be landscaped and used as a community space: farmers markets, etc.

Old Barnett Landfill Site

  • Funds have already been set aside for remediation due to soil contamination
  • New zoning designation (Industrial Business) permits businesses that directly support high technology or industrial activities such as limited office, retail, business support and food services
  • Trees and trails in the upper portion of the site need to be preserved and turned into parkland

Creating a Sense of Community

  • Let’s continue to support and promote local events within the community to bring people together, such as: summer concert Series in Rocky Point, Friday night concerts in Sutterbrook, outdoor movie nights, Festival of the Arts, etc.
  • Let’s support our local farmers markets

Over the Last Term

Over the last term I’ve championed the following issues:

Advisory Design Panel

  • I initiated the Advisory DesignPanel in my first year on council
  • Panel is made up of volunteer architects, engineers, environmental and other experts
  • Reviews development proposal and gives valuable advice to council
  • Helps to ensure that any new developments are appropriate for the community

Policy Additions to Official Community Plan

  • A safe elevated pedestrian crossing over St. John’s to Moody Middle school
  • Preventing reduction of natural green space
  • Adding new playing fields in proportion to population growth without cutting into green space
  • Protection of existing rental housing and clearer formulas for contributions to the Affordable Housing Reserve
  • Daylighting creeks such as Kyle, Schoolhouse, and Dallas Creek and potentially turning them into parks
  • A Cultural Plaza around the current Art Center
  • A forested trail extending from Suter Brook to the Inlet Center Skytrain Station
  • A pedestrian trail connecting Seaview, Glenayre, and College Park to Westport area
  • A ground level entrance to the Inlet Center Skytrain Station
  • Encouragement of car share programs (eg. zipcar, modo) and dedicated parking for this in new developments

Responsible Development

  • Development can help revitalize areas of the community and bring needed amenities
  • Developers welcome guidance on appropriate height and density
  • Height limits are missing from some areas of OCP
    • No height limits in Oceanfront District
    • No height limits in Moody Center TOD if lots consolidated
  • Density limits do not exist in OCP
  • Despite being supportive of many parts of the OCP, I voted against because of this lack of limits


“Rick is a dedicated, well informed and caring person who has a strong sense of his community. Besides being a talented artist, he has a vision of how to enhance the city of Port Moody’s signature a “The City of the Arts”. He is hard working, enthusiastic, pays attention to detail, and is willing to listen while not being afraid to speak his mind on important issues. For these reasons, I fully support Rick Glumac for a second term on City Council”

- Des Wilson, Former Director, Port Moody Art Centre Society