Patron of the Arts Gala

Long ago, Port Moody dubbed itself the ‘City of the Arts’.  And although there is some support of the Arts municipally, more could be done.  To be worthy of such a distinction, Port Moody needs to set itself apart from other communities – to become a destination like Chemainus, BC with it’s murals, or Ashland, Oregonwith it’s summer-long Shakespeare Festival.  We can work towards this by building on our existing strengths like Rocky Point Park with it’s free Summer Sunday Concerts, and our Festival of the Arts and also by presenting a clear vision of what future additions to the city could look like: the Cultural Plaza, Waterfront Village or developments in the West End of Moody Center or along Murray Street.  Many opportunities will exist to promote the local art scene.

Some interesting information on the arts:

* For every $1 invested in the arts, arts organizations earn or raise an additional $12.75, which is re-invested in the local economy. (1)

* Arts and culture make up 7.4% of Canada’s GDP

* The Arts have proven to have a positive impact on individual and community health, marginalized groups, youth at risk, and the elderly. (2)

* A highly creative workforce attracts business to a community. (3)

* Communities in British Columbia, including Kelowna, Nelson, and Langley, have developed strategic plans that use the creative arts to drive their economies and the social health of their communities. Chemainus, with its world-famous murals and theatre, has successfully replaced a resource-based economy with an arts-based economy.

* Cultural tourists spend more per day, stay longer at a destination and use more commercial accommodation. Cultural Tourism is growing globally at an annual rate of 15%.

1. 2004 Annual Review: Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Vancouver
2. Arts and Culture in Medicine and Health [Cooley & Associates, Victoria, 2003]
3. The Rise of the Creative Class, [Richard Florida, New York, 2002]

Having served on the board of the Port Moody Art Center Society for 3 years, I see a great potential for Port Moody to be a destination that lives up to it’s name ‘City of the Arts’, but it will take vision and planning.  Some important things to consider over the next few years are:

2013 Centennial Celebration: 100 Years of Port Moody

  • A living heritage project
  • A Centennial Gala dinner and dance
  • A period costume Council meeting
  • Aboriginal Day celebrations
  • An expanded Youth Festival
  • A community picnic
  • An expanded Ioco Ghost Town Days
  • Community and public art projects
  • And more… over the course of the whole year

Arts and Culture Master Plan

  • Outlines artistic and cultural development of Port Moody over the next 5 years
  • I support the goals of this plan:
  • From Arts and Culture Master Plan

Cultural Plaza

  • City land around the existing Art Center in Moody Center could become a hub of arts and culture in our community
  • I served as chair of the Facilities Planning Committee for the Port Moody Art Center Society – we would like to present a concept drawing of what our Cultural Plaza and Art Center in the coming year



“I would like to take the time to endorse Rick Glumac as a candidate for the position of Councillor for the City of Port Moody. I have had the privilege of watching Rick at work in Council during his first term, and he is thoughtful, engaged and always ready with pertinent questions. Rick has demonstrated a commitment to our city’s sustainability and environment, being a voice of reason during many intense debates. Rick has been very generous with his support of many environmental groups within Port Moody, taking the time to attend events, meetings, and simply visiting and listening. His work in the past on the Environmeental Protection Committee, as well as the Transportation and Land Use committees makes him a well rounded leader of our community. I believe that Rick is an excellent city councillor, and will be able to help lead our city into a sustainable future.”

- George Assaf, Vice President, Mossom Creek Hatchery